Upgrade VS Downgrade

I believe everyone who know about the IT world would understand that every technology is always moving forward, whether it’s slowly as a slug or as fast as a rocket.

The same thing also going the same way in building application. We are often try to update our product to catch up with the other technology. Especially if that product used other product that is always evolving.

In my current job as a Developer, I’ve found a couple of application that I need to modify or even re-develop. What I always keep in mind, that is, when developing an application I try to use the latest stable library.

Why? That because I believe the latest one is sometime have a couple (maybe very important) of improvement.

But recently I’ve found one product that somehow I hate very much. Simply because it doesn’t compatible with the latest release of MySQL 5… (not even MySQL 4.1). Even though that product is just launched a few months a go, but I still don’t get it why the developers still using the old MySQL.

I don’t know what happen, since I can’t examine the code behind it. But maybe it’s using the old MySQL library. Arrggghhh….!!!! That’s why sometime I hate proprietary software.

And what made me more upset is, I don’t see any intention from the developers to upgrade it. But I guess they would do it if the client who bought that product requesting to upgrade it, with an extra charge of course…

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