Java Texture Packer

A couple of days ago, I need to write a code to pack a bunch of image files into one. And my friend told me this good tutorial to start with.

On that tutorial, the writer doesn’t post any example code, but it seems many have implement the pseudo code posted there. So, I wrote my own code based on that pseudo code.

I wrote the code in Java, and it’s very easy to understand just like the pseudo code.

And here’s the sample image result I’ve from using that code.

Image Packed

All that images file are from Danc’s Site LostGarden.

And here’s the class I’ve wrote:

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  1. uhuk2 akhirnya ada juga posting kode 😀

  2. misi misi… mau bikin game ya?

  3. longok dikit. DIKIT!

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