Heidi is Back

If you have played Burger Rush, I think you already know our heroine who love burger very much. Now she’s back in a sequel, Restaurant Rush.

Main Menu

Main Menu

Restaurant Rush still use a match-three system just like it’s prequel has. But expect more, because there are much more feature in Restaurant Rush.

In this game, your objective is to serve various meal which ordered by your customers. To finish the order you need to match a certain number of meals ingredients which is displayed on the grill on the right side of the game board.

Restaurant Rush Board

Restaurant Rush Board

For example, if there is a customer who order Pizza Margerita that needs 8 Tomatoes and 8 Beef, so you’ll have to match 8 tomatoes and 8 beef on the board to complete the order.

To increase the price of the order, you can also add soup and/or tea, which is available after a couple of match, on the order. You can also upgrade each ingredient in Farmer Market to increase every recipe that using the ingredient you upgraded.

As for the customers, they won’t wait forever for you to complete their order. They have a patience which affect how much they will pay you. If you take too long finishing their order they’ll start to get annoyed (which means less of a tip for you), and they may even cancel the order.

To increase their patience level, there is 3 type of dessert which you can serve to them while preparing the order, this dessert is limited though so you can’t use it whenever you want. Beside using dessert, you can also play a song from a jukebox to make your customers more patience.

Beside normal game mode which your objective is to server customers order. There is also competition mode in which you’re needed to create a certain number of dishes before time running out.

In total, there are about 50+ restaurants (not including the competition mode) for you to complete. And how fast you finish the game and how many money you made will decide on what ending you got.

For more info about this game you can read this game review by Gamezebo, and visit their forum.

So.. download the game here, and enjoy the game ^_^ and if you like it go ahead and buy it :mrgreen:

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  1. Ini ngomong apa sih? Gak dong sayah… 😡

    *Skip reading*

    Intinya mana ini link buat crack nya?

  2. kasian banget mbah gue bikin game malah di crack

    *eh dah ada belum craknya*

  3. cari donlotannya ah~

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