Indonesian Game Developers Gathering

This morning in Jakarta there’s an event that have been dreamed by every Indonesian game developer. Where each fellow of game developer could share some toughts, idea, and anything else.

This event is entitled “Indonesian Game Developers Gathering”. Which is supported by some of game industry player in Indonesia such as MAX Studio, Menara Games, Matahari Studios, Microsoft, and much more.

And the event schedule is

10:00 – 10.30 Opening Speech from Guntur Gozali (AdIns)
10:30 – 11.00 Sponsor Speech from Risman Adnan (Microsoft Indonesia)
11:00 – 12.00 XNA Framework – Ricky Suryo Utomo (MAX Studio)
Demo XNA Framework – Eric Gunawan (MAX Studio)
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch Break
13:00 – 13.45 Casual Games – Satya Hody (Menara Games)
13:45 – 14:30 Outsourcing – Catharina Dian (Matahari Studios)

From all those speech and presentation, there is some interesting thing for us game developer in Indonesia.

First, Risman Adnan as ISV Lead in Microsoft Indonesia said that he will try to help to make this event could be held regularly, maybe once in three month, six month, or at lease once a year.

And on the next event, maybe Microsoft could present one XBOX 360 as a reward for a game development competition that would be held later.

Next, Satya Hody from Menara Games that have successfully co-develop Burger Rush which is the number one on Top 10 chart in sometime a go (now it is on rank 4), Explaining about how to develop a casual games and distribute it.

And on the last presentation, Catharina Dian (Ellen) from Matahari Studios that have a lot of experience as an game development outsource company and have been a partner of some big game developers such as EA to work on some stuff for Need For Speed series.

She give an explanation about how to be an outsource developer in game industry.

And the last for today event is some showcase from a couples of indie game developer in Indonesia.

There are some interesting projects, such as MMORPG developed by Sangkuriang Studio that build based on Indonesia history on 14th century. You can go to to see some screenshot of the game.

Another project is 2D Physics engine that build from scratch. The developer shown some demo using the engine. They sain that it could do a lot of things that 3D Physics engine could do.

And the last is, an educational game that has represented Indonesia in APICTA 2006 even though the team didn’t win.

This is the event.. sorry about the quality as I used my mobile phone to take it.

And this photos below are taken from many other sources

Mr. Guntur from AdIns as a main sponsor

Risman Adnan, ISV Lead of Microsoft

Still when Risman prensented his slide….
oh and that’s me in the back ^_^ (only my back though)

Eric from MAX Studio presenting XNA

Satya from Menara Games prensenting about Casual Games

Ellen from Matahari Studios prensenting about being an outsource game developer

Inveria Studios demoing their 2D Physics Engine

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  1. Anom, Thanks buat liputannya. Bannernya boleh dipasang kok…, terima kasih untuk kedatangannya

  2. Nice report! Thanks! Lumayan ada yang langsung nulis laporan pandangan mata lengkap plus foto gini…soalnya reportase resminya blom ‘terbit’ 🙂

  3. alamat milis game programmer dimana tuh ?

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